At Wish Upon A Star we're a full service party planner that brings the magic straight to you! Whether you want a short but magical visit, or a tea party fit for a queen, we specialize in making dreams come true! Our characters sing, play games, and bring so many magical moments to your special day. Our princesses, superheroes, pirates, fairies and more are sure to make your party unforgettable! Click here to start the magic!

What Makes Us Different?

We don't just provide princesses, we provide the whole party! Our signature Premiere Party is everything you need for the most magical party ever! From invitations to party favors, a dress up station to a tea party, with a crew to set it up, a photographer to capture the magic, and of course a REAL singing princess to lead the whole thing! All you have to do is sit back, and enjoy the unforgettable moments and magical memories being created. 




Our Performers

Our performers are trained in singing, performing, and boast extensive years of experience with children. Every person we hire is passionate about keeping the fairytale alive, and knows the characters inside and out. We know your little ones are curious, and we're ready to tell them all about life at the castle, our animal friends, or whatever else they want to know about! 

We also take your child's safety very seriously, which is why we run background checks on all of our cast members.  

"I attend about six million parties for children ages 2-8 every year. They are all variations on the same theme. Yay presents! Yay cake! You're such a a big girl/boy! 
But every now and then, you see the look of rapture when someone's bday wish comes true in front of you. And that was my daughter yesterday when Audrey of Wish Upon A Star (aka Queen Elsa) walked into her garden-variety bouncy house 4th bday party." - Suzanne V.


"From the very first email Audrey was fantastic.  She answered all my questions and was always warm, friendly, and helpful as I planned the party.  The day of the party she and her team arrived and began set up.  From then on I didn't have to do a thing.  Elsa arrived and took over the party from there.  And my daughter was ecstatic!  The look on her face was truly I will never forget!" - Kayla K.

"Amazing characters and fantastic service. They really go above and beyond for the princess parties! The girls faces absolutely lit up when they saw Aurora and Maleficent, and they were sooo great playing with them too! Also the icing on the cake is their singing ability, she has such a beautiful voice, the girls were entranced. I would definitely book again, such a great value and it made our kids sooo happy!" - Randi W.


"I have never seen a group of girls so elated as when they see Queen Elsa walk into their party.
I was amazed by the attention to detail that was paid to the characters' clothing, hair, and makeup. They even sound like the actual princesses! Which makes it easy for the kids to buy that this is really the character, not someone in a costume.
But my favorite memory from the party was one 5 year-old who was skeptical of Princess Jasmine so she asked her a question in Arabic (because the fictional setting of Agrabah is ostensibly in the middle east. - Smart kid!) And Jasmine responded in Arabic! The little girl's eyes grew wide and she radiated excitement. I was completely floored.
I cannot recommend this company enough. Book them. They are worth every penny." -Anna B.